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The Left Bank is a name that is synonymous with providing good quality trailers. With more than two decades in the business, we have constantly evolved and innovated by coming up with new designs.

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  • Hill Top : Our trailers are lightweight but rigid. You won’t be having any issue while driving to the hilltop.
  • Off Road : Our trailers can withstand any kind of terrain. It will never be a hurdle for your adventures.
  • Bus Travel : Our buses are equipped with all the facilities. Comfort during the travel is guaranteed.

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Things you need to know about camping

If you discuss with different kinds of people then you would get several types of tips on camping. Below are few important tips on camping which would be of great help to you if you have been away from camping from a long time or you are just a beginner. By following the below mentioned basic tips as your guide, you would actually be covering the most essential bases for your camping trip:

Get the right equipment


If this is your first camping then you require an excellent basic camping checklist first. Then start purchasing the camping equipments. Always purchase good quality equipments so that they can last for a much longer period. You can take references from family members, friends, neighbors or colleagues about the equipments. You can also purchase them online. These days, in the modern world, getting anything online has become a lot easier. You just need to browse few websites and you can get the best products you need. Moreover, genuine products reviews are also available online. So, before purchasing any equipment, you always have the opportunity to read the reviews and judge about the equipments.

Research about the camping site

Having enough knowledge about the camping site would be an invaluable resource for you. When you are trying to figure out what are the things to do while camping then researching about the camping site is a must as it would help you a lot while you are planning your activities. Moreover, it also helps in creating a safety plan. Some of the basic knowledge which everyone should have before going for camping is to know the camping area’s basic landmarks. Knowing about the roads, trails, rivers, etc is very essential. Moreover, having knowledge about the nearest stores and hospital is important too. These are very essential for you as it helps in preparing safety plans. Another most essential thing to know while you are going for camping is to know about the weather condition of that area and how the land would be at that time of the year. Having enough knowledge about the wild life you might encounter there help too. The knowledge about all these might help you in knowing what all additional supplies you need to carry while camping.


Learn or revise about the general camping tips

You should browse some camping websites, forums and read camping books to get as much information as you can about camping. Having enough knowledge from before would make your camping trip a favorable one. You can also ask questions to people on forums about things to do while camping. You would find many camping experts in those forums so you can take help from them and gain as much knowledge as you can.

Decide what things you would love to do while camping

This one is very important as you would like to adjust your gear for accommodating certain activities. For example, if you are planning on doing some star gazing or bird watching then you would have to bring a pair of binoculars along with you. If you plan to do fishing or hunting then you would have to bring some gear for that.

Tips on How to Travel With Just a Backpack

When backpacking around Europe (or any part of the world) here are several tips that I discovered valuable: 1. Lay out all that you require for your trek and then diminish by about half!! One of the primary mistakes that many travelers make is taking too much on their outing. Remember that you are there to make the most of your vacation and see extraordinary parts of the world and not to haul heavy luggage around strange roads. As well it’s important to realize that as you travel, you will inevitably purchase trinkets that you will require a room in your bags for. 2. Get a camping towel! Trust me the first occasion when I traveled through Europe I took an ordinary beach towel and before the finish of the outing I couldn’t stand seeing it! It didn’t make a difference how many occasions it was washed it just never appeared the same… In any case, fortunately, you can purchase camping towels (that are fundamentally the same as a sham stunning) that are anti-bacterial, dry fast and absorb loads of water. The second time I traveled to Europe this was the best enhancement in packing I made! 3. Take advantage of accommodation deals on sites, for example, Expedia or Travelocity. On the off chance that you are the sort of personality that can travel around and book your accommodations with short notice (I realize a few people like to know far in advance they have a place to stay each night) you can save a great deal of money on inns. The later you book generally, the better deal you get.
  4. Make certain to take advantage of the social contributions that inns can offer. Lodgings offer a special affair you can’t get in any inn. They offer you the chance to meet individuals from all over the world that are traveling just like you. And trust me this is a new chance to frame relationships with individuals you would not generally find the opportunity. Regardless of whether they are only companions for a couple of days they may be the absolute best recollections of your life. 5. Once in Europe, a great way to travel is with a Eurail Pass. These passes can save you a ton of cash once abroad. As well the trains are a mind-blowing way to travel around most places in Europe. Essentially how these passes function is that you pre-pay for your tickets previously, you leave had a significant rebate. It takes a little research to figure out what pass is ideal for you yet from my experience it is always a decent purchase!
6. A secondary way to travel is to investigate rebate airliners over in Europe, for example, Ryan Air or Easy Jet. Because these airlines (and there are others) don’t serve all places in Europe, I find that they are a great way to enhance a Eurail Pass for transportation. Regularly you can discover flights for as low as $50, and depending on how you plan your excursion there a great way to get starting with one remote location then onto the next and save valuable time that different types of transportation take. 7. One important thing you ought to do before leaving on vacation (especially on a protracted stay) is to enlist with your embassy as to what nations you will be in. The reasons for this aren’t the happiest to consider however they are incased of disasters or different issues that could leave you stranded in a nation. Along these lines, the embassy realizes you are there and will have the capacity to account for you. Once again not the happiest thing to consider, but rather a quick thought to do when traveling abroad, and remember that the chances of something unfortunate happening to you are inconceivably thin yet its best to be prepared.

The Best Adventure Travel Destinations.

Do you envision yourself as an adventurer? Do you envision yourself touring a remote land, climbing a steep mountain or just trying something new? Do you get the rush of pushing your limits and expanding your horizons? If so, why are you only on a dull vacation? Why do you put yourself on a boring holiday? Why does not your heart rate rise? No matter what kind of activity you enjoy or the limits you want to pay there are adventure trips out there just waiting for you to book them? These are some options for a person who is fed up with the same vacation over and over again. Mountain climbing is an exciting example of great adventure travel. The West Coast Mountain Guides travel on adventure trips on a regular basis. You can choose from sites throughout the western Canadian counties. Travelers can choose from rock climbing, ice climbing or even snowy mountain climbing. If your adventurous side starts, it can take you on a trip involving all three. climb Before you go to one of these projects, you must be in the best possible form. Mountaineering experiences should not be by individuals who are indifferent and out of shape! Diving Shark is not quite light but very sexy! Shark Diver has diving packages that allow you to dive with sharks in California and Mexico. You must know before you book anything you travel to this adventure and it costs a lot of money. These trips usually cost about three thousand dollars per person. But most of these leave is not less than five days. Make sure you get your diving certificate before going, though. You do not want to stumble on the boat to spend your entire vacation! Do you like the idea of ​​being close to the big game? Have you ever tasted an idea about seeing exotic animals in the motherland? Why not participate in African safaris. For one of the greatest skiing experiences in the world, visit the famous Alpine resorts of Zermatt and Chamonix. The 140-kilometer route, which takes about a week to complete, offers great views of the most beautiful peaks of the Alps. If there is a challenging excursion to ski, visit the resort during the summer and go hiking to Hot Haute. The Isfields Parkway, which spans more than 230 km, is one of the most picturesque roads in the world. Biking in this valley covered by the sea between Jasper and Lake Louise can take anything from 2-5 days depending on experience and pace. The mountains, lakes and a group of mammals are filled with a bike ride between two Rocky Mountains, a memorable experience.
  The Golden Eye jump is a golden leap, and rope jumping at Verzasca Dam in Switzerland is one of the highest commercial bannos in the world. From the jump back to the classic Swan Dive, you carry one of the most exciting bungee jumps that have created the history of the movie by appearing in the James Bond movie! Moab in Utah, a must-see destination for all biking enthusiasts, is undoubtedly one of the most popular mountain biking trails in the world. Featuring sandstone, steep dive and steep slopes, one can ride a 20 km loop through one-day or several-day tour options. Book your cheap trip to Utah today and get a unique mountain bike experience like anywhere else in the world. Krabi, located on the Andaman coast of Thailand, is one of the best rock climbing destinations in the world. Featuring stunning karst formations, mountain climbing in the area is for all adventure seekers who are serious about climbing the cliff. If blasphemy is in your mind, Glacier Bay, Alaska is the place to live. It is full of icy mountains that flow from the mountains, where you want to get off by around boat in various places in the bay. To walk along the hordes of black and hungry leopards, there is no better place to visit than Kruger National Park in South Africa. Apart from cheap flights to Alaska, one can easily book kayaks and online guides from the comfort at home or office. The park has seven wilderness roads where one can walk in the middle of the wilderness on his own or choose an overnight stroll. With cheap flights to South Africa throughout the year, it is not surprising that this national park is being sought among adventurous seekers from all over the world. Some tours go throughout the African continent. Choose from many trusted companies and let them show you the land of hippos, elephants, and giraffes. Look at the pride of the black and the packs of hyenas. See the birds that I have just seen in the zoo. If you enjoy animals, safari should be your best choice for adventure travel. Adventure trips are designed to make people risk beyond the comfort areas. It helps you explore parts of your personality that you do not usually allow to view. Are you sick of being on the couch and imagining what life can be like in another part of the world? Have you always yearned to climb mountains, swim with dolphins for outdoor camping in Australia or New Zealand? These are all options available to you. Just select the type of adventure you want and then come up and bring it. It’s not as complicated as I think.

Best Summer Camping Secrets.

For many families, summer means summer camp. Whether children attend day camps or sleeping camps, preparation can make a difference. Most summer camps will produce a list of what you should bring and what you should not bring. You should cover the basics you will need and will contain elements specific to the camp type. A computer camp will have different requirements for a sports camp, for example. If you contact them or check their website, you may be able to get the menu in advance, which will allow you to do shopping and pre-packing as much as possible. Here are some additional ideas for things to bring, tips, and how to prepare for both children and adults. Some items may not be allowed in each camp, so check their instructions. summer-camp Label all clothes. Your kids may object, but they would be happy if another child tried to claim his favorite shirt. Try sorting them in a separate place such as the fingers of the socks, so they are not visible. Make sure you fill one change for warm clothes, just in case. Same for rain clothes. Pack lots of underwear and socks. Send an extra pair of sports shoes. Sunscreens and insect spraying are essential. Some camps do not allow aerosols, so look for a pump version. Do not forget sunglasses. Water bottles are usually a good thing to have for walking, boating, and this. A small battery-operated battery. Camp rooms can get hot. Send in the form of an additional pillow or cushion. Bedding camps can be incomplete and will appreciate owning their own. Do not forget the flashlight and backup batteries. It will come in handy for late night trips to the bathroom (and for late night damage as well). Be sure to wear anti-shower slippers. Camp bath is not known for cleanliness. An extra roll of bath tissue. It gives them the embarrassment of having to track down a counselor if he should run out in the bathroom. Hotel Small first aid kit. Nothing fancy, just the basics of small wounds and abrasions. If you are sending along snacks, make sure they are peanut-free. Many children suffer from peanut allergy and snacks can be confiscated with peanuts. Fill in some postcards or pre-written and sealed stationery so they can write the home page (do not hold your breath). In many camps there are talent programs, so bring anything you might need to bring in, such as a musical instrument, magic equipment, etc. (within reason). Finger glue. Children love incandescent sticks and are usually available cheaply at the dollar store, so they brought a lot to share. Do not forget a camera. If you do not want to risk losing a digital camera, carry one or two disposable cameras. Maybe even an underwater camera is disposable for boat riding and such. When they return, the movie can be processed and placed on a CD-ROM immediately so they can share their photos on Facebook. Children in the camp are likely to avoid basic personal grooming (especially boys). To encourage them, they did their best to send products containing a cool factor such as the Ax (R) body lotion. Let them choose a new toothbrush to increase their chances of use. Pack everything in a cool bag so they can carry it to the shower. Young children may want to take a favorite pet. Older children may also want to do this, but they will not want to bring it out for fear of pleasure. There are many trendy luxury items available today that the older children in the camp like the Uglydolls (R) do not mind. It is popular with older boys in particular. What is not packed Many, if not most camps do not allow for cell phones, iPods and computer games. Some camps do not allow any aerosols. Peanuts and peanut butter are often not allowed because of allergies. Some camps do not allow camp participants to bring snacks to ensure they are properly handled. Do not bring anything that you or your child do not want to lose. Some other tips Before you prepare your child to contact you every day, be sure to check out the camp. Many do not allow making phone calls. This may seem harsh and worrying, but they know what they are doing for years of camp experience. Phone calls can bring or exacerbate a domestic disease. If your child is never away from home, you have to sleep in a house or a house for a few nights before getting used to it. You can also put a tent in the backyard and camping in a couple of nights. Finally, some tips on how to deal with homesickness and crying. Stay busy, and you will not notice how much you miss him and wait for tears even after you leave the camp.

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